Creating a brand for the AI-powered people growth platform.

From identity to UI/UX design.
Zavvy is a spin on savvy, as it's the smartest employee growth platform on the market.

With Zavvy, AI isn't here to replace employees: it's here to grow them. From the first onboarding to individualized career development, its AI-powered platform builds the most human learning journeys.

The logomark is formed with building blocks that symbolize a learning journey.


Zavvy is as powerful as it is effortless. It unites all moving parts of career development into an intuitive, AI-powered platform. So Zavvy asked TRES BIEN to build a brand that embodies its robust simplicity. A brand that also builds trust, that communicates the message that AI is here to grow employees, not replace them.

The brand colors build a calming, inspiring and trustworthy feel.


Zavvy is so easy to use it feels like child's play. This inspired the use of primary shapes to build the brand's logo and design system. A serif typeface was added as a nod to the rich legacy of education, while gradients where used to illustrate the progressive and gradual nature of learning. The result is a brand that radiates simplicity, confidence and assurance, all the while maintaining a delightfully human touch.

No clutter, no fuss - only what's needed, right where it's needed. Our goal was to create UI/UX that's clean, straightforward, and that just makes sense. With a drag and drop interface. Loads of white space. And minimal elements. The result is an interface that makes it easy to both build and experience employee learning journeys.