Life is better when you're in control of your finances.

tymit credit helps you do that.
The logomark represents the structure and stability that tymit brings to your financial life.

Credit was originally designed to win when you lose. But tymit credit is designed to put you in control. From contracts, to app, to products. It's transparent, simple and flexible.

Credit shouldn't be a trap. It should be a tool that builds financial freedom.


The credit market is crowded, with few providers genuinely understanding or prioritizing the user's financial wellbeing. That's where tymit stands apart: it's credit that puts the user in control. But it's no easy feat to convince a world that's been told for generations that credit is a necessary evil, that it is a now a force for good. So tymit asked TRES BIEN to craft a brand identity that communicates it's unique proposition, and that helps heal the bad rep of credit.

The brand colors unite to form a gradient that symbolizes the dawn of a new kind of credit.


We created a brand that stands for a new kind of credit. A credit that's transparent and trustworthy. That gets out of the way to get you in control — from the app, to the web, to the contracts and financial products. The brand is built on a design system that's vibrant, yet timeless. And that uses a grid design system and primary shapes to give the user a visual language that speaks to their ability to build their financial freedom, on their terms.