A brand identity that helps people eat better chocolate.

Because chocolate is life.
The logotype is puffy like a cacao pod and flowy like chocolate.

Chocolate is the best. But you can eat better chocolate. You just have to know where to find it. And Theyo knows. It sources from the finest estates across the world to bless your palate with the best, and fairest chocolate.

A punchy tagline that represents Theyo's mission and call to action.


Chocolate has been popularized as sugary bars. But it's a far more flavorful thing that develops in taste depending on the type of cacao, the soil it was grown in and the method it was processed. So Theyo's mission is to help people experience chocolate in all of its glory by getting them to eat better chocolate. And they asked TRES BIEN to build a brand that creates curiosity. That transmits the love of chocolate, in a playful kind of way.

Brand colors inspired by the different cacao varieties and their distinct cacao pods.


Cacao is the heart of better chocolate. So we looked to cacao for inspiration. We selected a typeface that's puffy and bold, like a cacao pod. And defined a color palette in relation to the hues that cacao pods take on as they ferment. We brought the identity to life with bouncy motion. And infused it with a straightforward language that honors its German roots. The result is a brand that's playful, yet bold and mature. A brand that provokes the world to eat better chocolate.

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Berlin, Germany