Fizzy. Fruity. And brewed to party. LikeLouis is euphoric tea.

It's high on taste, low on regrets.
Like Louis is euphoric tea. It's low alcohol content helps you party like there's tomorrow.

People like a good party. But they don't like a good hangover. So we created LikeLouis. It's euphoric tea — a lighter and tastier liquid celebration. And a brand that reboots our toxic relationship with alcohol.

The logomark is hard to ignore. It's subtly twisted O is a nod to partying, without overdoing it.


People crave a low alcohol alternative that tastes great. LikeLouis is that alternative, with benefits. Its kombucha culture base provides a low alcohol, high taste drink, rich in antioxidants and probiotics. It's a new product category that needs to pierce through a market saturated with conventional alcoholic drinks.

Brand colors inspired by the launch flavors and the idea of partying like there's tomorrow.


A new category needs to be hard to ignore, so we created a super salient brand. Its identity is loud, so it always stands out, whether on shelf, in a hand, or as a delivery on a doorstep. It's narrative reboots alcohol culture with "Party Like There's Tomorrow", a slogan that resonates with people's desire for fun, with fewer regrets. The result is a brand that creates interest, and belonging.

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Berlin, Germany