Building a new image for INTERSPORT and energetics.

From strategy, to content, globally.
The "Crush The Cold" campaign told the story of friendship in movement without a script.

energetics needed a sharper brand narrative. So we started with strategy and helped them identify and own their cause: to make sport accessible to all, regardless of background or skill level. We helped them become the brand for all athletes.

We crafted a new photography style to match their new brand narrative.

Whether running, training, swimming or beyond: energetics is always there to support you. This needed to be felt in the brand. So we reinvented their image, from photo to video, to design, across all channels, all sports, all apparel and all equipment categories.

The new energetics is more spontaneous, authentic and energetic.
We crafted anti-performative narratives, like the "Made Happy" campaign, to support the new brand core.

A brand for all athletes needs to embrace the fact that everyone can be an athlete. That athleticism isn't bound to body shape or skill level. That's it's a mindset. So we helped energetics express their new narrative in all core markets.

The "We Are Athletes" campaign celebrated a more spontaneous and imperfect sports practice.

In parallel to rebranding energetics, we helped IINTERSPORT expand its market reach to new generations, with strategic and creative work.

"The Great Outdoors" campaign was an ode to Gen Z's non-performative and inclusive view on hiking.

We conducted strategic research to understand Gen Z's position on health and sports. Using the gathered insights and data sets, we created organic and paid content across many of the core Intersport product categories.

The "Make It Your Speed" campaign positioned speed hiking as a means to own your speed in fast moving world.
"Another Place To Go" was a video that showcased the outdoor collection without being salesy.
"Lose The City. Find Yourself." was a hiking campaign that encouraged urbanites to find peace and renewal in nature.

The content we created for INTERSPORT was sustained by strategic research, developed with in-house creativity, and executed with our lean but high-value production approach. We brought startup speed to a giant and helped it evolve faster than ever before.