Transforming air up from unknown novelty to global success story.

Hand in hand with their teams.
We helped build air up's emblematic lifestyle brand.

air up is the first time in human history you can drink plain water but experience flavor. All thanks to its novel scent-based taste technology.

The iconic air up bottle flavors water by scent with its novel flavor pods.


air up was an incredible innovation. But it wasn't well understood. And it didn't have a compelling brand. So in early 2020, air up asked TRES BIEN to create a new brand narrative, and fuel that narrative with content across all of it's channels and markets.

We simplified the product and its technology to a level everyone could understand.


We started by bringing clarity to the product. By simplifying its science with words and images that could be easily understood. We then built on this clarity to create a brand narrative with messaging tailored to each step of their marketing funnel. We scaled that narrative with always-on content, from creativity to execution. Channel per channel, market per market, we helped air up grow from startup to global brand.

The "Nothing Added (But You" campaign added to product clarity while building air up as a lifestyle brand

The "Big Lies" global campaign was launched to brave the Big Drinks industry and call them out on all their lies, positioning air up as the better way to experience flavor.

The campaign was optimized according to YouTube's ABCD video ad architecture, and featured full-funnel messaging to maximize performance, from awareness to conversion. The result was a campaign that built brand value, and hit all set KPIs.

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Munich, Germany

Borrowing a page from big tech, "The Revolution of The Evolution" campaign launched air up's new steel bottle with a series of ads that heroed the product and it's features.

The "Not A Water Bottle" campaign leveraged anti-positioning to add more clarity to the product.

We helped air up move beyond its initial Gen Z focus by maturing its brand narrative and the content that expresses it.

Maturing the brand narrative didn't mean to make it more serious and boring. Au contraire. We leveraged humor to drive attention and conversion. To set the stage for the era beyond the brand's 4 year collaboration with TRES BIEN.

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