Millions are spent on advertising award festival entry fees every year. Imagine if these fees were donated to charity instead. But you don't win awards for donating, until today.

Welcome to The Donation Festival. There's no cases. No ceremonies. No suits. No champagne. But there's shiny awards. And you win them by doing something that's truly good for the world.


The Donation Festival awards are a little different. In fact they're almost all different. Winners get a bespoke digital award created with the magical powers of generative AI.

Award Tiers

There's only one tier: Gold. Because every donation is the best idea. And honestly, who wants bronze and silver anyways?

Here's how it works: you get a Gold award for every slice of 10€ you donated to a charity of your choice. If you donated 100€, your award will display 10x Gold awards. So yes, this could be the year you win the most Gold awards.

Participating is easy. Just declare a donation (min. 10€). And we give you an award.


01. Donate to the charity of your choice.


02. Submit a donation declaration.


03. Receive
an award.

Declare your donation
to win an award:

PS. We trust that you are declaring donations you actually made. We reserve the right to request a proof of donation at any time. Liars will be publicly shamed (in a friendly way).

Look at these winners.

They won. Because everyone
that donates wins.

Philip Wienberg
Creative Director Freelance
Amnesty International 60€
Fabulous Cat Award
6x Gold
Chiara Lodrini
Junior Designer TRES BIEN GmbH
Genius Cow Award
1x Gold
Marta Beatrice Soro
Creative Director TRES BIEN GmbH
LSVD 20€
Carefree Butterfly Award
2x Gold
Guillaume D. Champeau
Chief Creative Officer TRES BIEN GmbH
UNITED24 100€
Cheeky Moose Award
10x Gold
Franziska Peuss
Category Manager Westwing
Caritas International 50€
Intrepid Mouse Award
5x Gold
Nata Shved
Chief Operations Officer Brights
Back Alive Foundation 4300€
Fearless Leopard Award
430x Gold
Livia von der Heide
Digital Strategist Freelance
Moabit hilft e. V. 50€
Wise Cat Award
5x Gold
Ronja Kühner
Copywriter Freelance
Sea-Eye 50€
Zesty Otter Awards
5x Gold
Lukas Bausch
Senior Copywriter PUK
Treedom 75€
Creative Crocodile Award
7x Gold